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6 Common bathing blunders that we do while bathing!

Bathing is equal to good health and this is something that we all do regularly. Bathing really kick starts our day but, most of us do some serious blunders while taking shower. People never know the right way to take a bath they do countless blunders while bathing so, Here are commonly made serious blunders that people usually make while bathing.

1. Taking a bath after a meal:

People should avoid taking shower after having their meal. It is not good for your health to take shower after a meal. Taking shower after having food hampers digestion. People should give at least one or two-hour gap between bath and meal. After having your dinner what could be the most relaxing thing you will do? A good shower right? You may have been told by your parents that don’t take bath after having your meal, they really care for you actually it is not recommended as it is not good for your health. Usually, in the morning we all are at rushing due to our busy schedules you should manage to take bath before having your breakfast.

2. Bathing in hot water:

You can feel different levels of relaxation and comfort after taking a hot shower but, it is not ok to bathe in hot water.

If you are taking a hot shower then, please immediately stop it! Why?

The reason is here:  

Taking a hot shower can dry out your skin and even causes hair loss. Skin becomes scratchy, itchy, and dry. A hot shower also increases blood pressure.

A hot shower is not really good for your skin. People suffering from heart problems, hypertension, and high blood pressure should totally avoid the hot shower. A hot shower may enhance blood pressure and can cause redness and burn. Hot showers also enlarge pores. A high temperature of the water can damage tissues and cells of your skin which may cause redness and burn. The heat from hot water can draw out moisture from the skin and can extreme skin dryness. The hot water vapor can open skin pores and make them appear automatically large in size which can accumulate dirt, deal cells and sebum, and some other impurities that can enhance the risk of skin breakouts.

Note: Temperature of water: Water should be at a normal temperature

During winters you can use little warm-water

3. Bath every day:

Bathing regularly is not necessary. People love to take bath because of many healthy reasons including concern is bad body odor, which helps wake up freshly and comfortably. Also after a workout, people take shower to feel refreshed, but showering every day is not necessary.

Everyday bath makes:

  • skin dry
  • antibacterial soap used every day can kill normal bacteria
  • causes health issues and skin problems
  • Everyday shower can eliminate normal bacteria and healthy oil from the skin and also gives permission to bad bacteria to enter your cracked skin.

4. Do not use the right soap:

Antibacterial soaps can kill too many bacteria including good ones so, choosing the right shampoo is the most important thing you should keep in your mind while bathing. Only use mild soap to take bath. Harsh soaps can dry out the skin. Scented soaps can cause irritation to your skin so instead of using scented soaps, use fragrance-free soaps.

5. Wash hair regularly:

Probably it is not necessary to wash your hair regularly unless your scalp is oily. It is unhealthy to wash hair regularly. If you will over wash any hair type then it will eliminate natural hair oil which is commonly known as sebum will make hair brittle and dry so avoid regular hair washing.

6. Staying too long:

Bathing too long can cause dryness to your skin and scalp so; you should not spend more than ten minutes in a shower. Ten minutes are enough to take bath. Just like a hot shower, showering too long can dry your skin too much and as an outcome, your skin will become extremely dry and can cause itching and skin rashes.

You deserve to relax! Bathing gives you relaxation.

Bathing can:

  • Improves heart-health
  • Helps with respiration
  • Good for skin
  • Good for health
  • Great for your bones and muscles

Bathing is a daily routine priority and bathing is really good for health. For a healthier life, you need to avoid some common blunders that you make while taking a shower.

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