Benefits of apple cider vinegar uses and side effects

The tradition and advertisement of apple cider vinegar are increasing day by day. This leads to great use of the product. But is it the right way? Can it be frequently used? Undoubtedly the apple cider vinegar is useful in many conditions. But it is also true that if it is used in a huge amount and without any proper dosage then this may lead to some serious problems. Generally, apple cider vinegar is highly present acidic in nature.

It consists of acetic acidic, citric acid, and formic acid as well. It can be very easily obtained that many people are doing this without a proper idea. They are making different kinds of videos on YouTube and just giving suggestions about its uses.

But this is not the right way. The apple cider vinegar is prepared by the use of yeast and different bacteria. So the user must in a proper way. It is already known that always excess of anything is bad. so, today we describe Benefits of apple cider vinegar

Benefits of the apple cider vinegar 

Weight loss 

This is one of the most famous benefits of apple cider vinegar. It is found in the survey that regular intake of this for 3 months may help to lose weight. But the regular exercise and healthy diet plan will help more if done together with the use of this vinegar.

Dandruff control 

Since it has the property of acid so it can be helpful in dandruff treatment. In this process, you have to remove your hair and then apply it with the help of water. Since it is acidic in nature so never try to use it directly. This has the property to fight against the fungus so it can be helpful. Those who use to dye their hair never try to use this. This may lead to baldness.

Remove sunburn and tan 

This is also one of the most prominent problems in which the apple cider is used. The vinegar can help you to remove sunburn and tan of the skin. Proper usage of the vinegar can be quite beneficial for you.

Underarm whitening 

When the vinegar is mixed with water and baking powder a paste is prepared. This paste can be applied under the armpits. This may help you to remove the dark patches. But before using this 1st apply the paste on your hand’s skin to check the effect. If there is no side effect then only you can use it.

For digestion 

The vinegar is acidic in nature so it can help indigestion. If you take it after lunch with a glass of water then it will benefit you in digestion-related issues. The acidic nature of the vinegar helps to improve digestion.

Sugar level control 

If you take it water in regular use after lunch. Then this may help to regulate the sugar control in the body. But this is done only with the guidance of the physician or your family doctor. Please avoid it if you are doing this without asking your doctor.

As a food containing supporter 

It is seen that many people use it to store food items like pickles and others for a long time. This is good the acidic nature of the vinegar enables us to kill the bacteria and germs. So that the food item remains for the long term. This is another great use of the apple cider vinegar.

Treatment of smelly feet 

This is another important use of apple cider vinegar. If you have the problem of feet smelly then this could be helpful. Use this with normal water and put your feet in it for 15 min. Apply this regularly will help you to remove the smell of the feet. However, this is not the proper treatment for it. If you have a major problem with this then please follow some other technique. This is helpful but unable to stop it completely.

To remove the swelling because of insect bites 

Since it has a good concentration of formic acid so this will be quite helpful for the removal of the swelling. The formic acid reacts with the bee sting and helps to reduce swelling and pain as well.

Hair conditioner 

Yes, this can be a good hair conditioner but should use in a limited amount to condition your hair. It will help to get smooth and silky hair.

Lice in the head 

If lice are in your hair then it will be beneficial. Apply this with dilute water for very little time. Then wash it with shampoo. The acidic property will be able to kill the lice present in your hair. But do this with precaution.

For doing gargling in the sore throat 

Many people using this to treat sore throat. This can be beneficial in this problem. If you have a sore throat then use to do gargling with its help. This may be helpful to reduce the pain.

Cholesterol control in animals 

In the experiment regarding, the one thing that appeared is that it works to reduce the cholesterol level in animals. However, no such evidence is found in human beings.

These are some of the uses and benefits of apple cider vinegar. It has a huge use in human life. The market for this product is increasing day by day. However, all the advertisements are not true. It is highly acidic in nature so try to avoid its’ maximum uses. After the uses and benefits let us focus on some of its side effects-

Apple cider vinegar side effects

⦁    If you apply directly or with less use of water then it may burn your skin. This has a good acid concentration so it must be used as in a dilute way. The acid concentration may damage or burn your skin if applied directly.

⦁    The regular and improper intake may also lead to acidity and heartburn. If you take this in a large amount then it may lead to heart burning and acidity problems.

⦁    Some people use it for teeth whitening which is also not good. Acid is not good for our enamel this may lead to decay of the teeth. This will create a serious issue with your health. So never try to use it for teeth whitening.

⦁    Excess use of this may affect glucose, potassium, and calcium concentration. Always take it in a diluted state. Never try to use it in the long run. This may lead to cramps in your hands or legs.

⦁    This may react with many medicines. So if you are taking any medicines then 1st ask your doctor regarding this. If your doctor suggests you then only you can take.

So these are some of the important uses, benefits, and problems of the apple cider vinegar. It is always said that excess use of anything is harmful. The same applies here. If you have any health issues then please your consultant doctor regarding its use.

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