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Apple ID Code Reset Scam Review: Beware of the verification code!

Today we will tell you about a new scam “Apple ID Reset Code” which going viral throughout the whole internet.  If you are also an iPhone user then you must read this review.

What is this Scam all about?

iPhone users are lately getting a text message saying that their Apple id is locked and they have to reset it.  But beware because it is the most recent trick used by scammers to steal people’s vital details.

Scammers are sending a verification code to iPhone users via text message and asking them to allow it because their Apple id is locked due to some reason.

Apple ID Code Reset Scam

If you also get the same text message or email of a verification code then we suggest you not respond to it because if you allow the verification code then you are giving access to scammers yourself who might hack your phone and steal your details.

NOTE: So be careful of such scams and also share this information with others or you can share your experience in the comment section below.

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