Review: is it a scam or legit site?

The online world is spreading day by day especially in the case of online shopping. The main hidden reason behind this is the delivery of products across the globe. On the other hand, we don’t have to stand in the queue so we find online shopping very beneficial. As online shopping is beneficial we buy many products from an online site. But most of us fall in the trap of fake online sites because we don’t know the sites which are fake sites. In today’s article, we will tell you about which is a site for shopping. From this article, you will get an idea of whether is a scam site or not.
So let’s start with the introduction of this online site.

Introduction is a worldwide online store from where you can get all categories of products like home and kitchen appliances, cell phone, computers, grocery, musical instruments, video games, sports collectibles, pet supplies, baby products, gourmet food, and accessories.
Now, read the points given below.
Follow these points to know whether or not is a safe site.

Cash on Delivery:

One of the main points which you should keep in mind is cash on delivery. When you are purchasing any product than for giving payment of that product you get many payment methods like credit card or PayPal, visa card, MasterCard, and also some websites provide you cash on delivery method. Among these payment methods, you should only choose cash on delivery. This is the safest payment method.
As we have let you know that the safest method of payment is cash on delivery but most scam sites do not provide us this payment method. does not provide you cash on delivery payment method.

Product details:

This site has provided raw detail about their product and also there are not many choices of products. Only you can see limited products of the same categories with congested details of that product.
They are selling you products like Anjunie Women’s oversize shirt at $6.17, Angelbliss play mats for babies at $40.49, Basketball at $58.80, Chocolate flavored syrup at $19.47, waterworks Estrela bath towel at $13.40, kyber crystal keychain at $5.89, seed catcher at $6.77, Pokémon crystal -3DS video game at $5.69, fossil fighter frontier at $11.99, charge cable power adopter at $1.63, etc.
They are providing you expensive products like cell phones, musical instruments, etc. at low prices. Many scams do this to get the attention of their customers. By seeing an expensive product at a low cost all of us will buy it immediately without thinking twice about that product.

Company and owner info: hasn’t disclosed its company and owner information. If you don’t know then let us tell you that many scam sites hide their company and owner information so that no one can identify their real identity and by hiding their identity they can easily do fraud with their customers.

Date of Domain creation:

21 days ago domain name of this was created. This clearly indicates that no one has bought something yet from

Payment process: accepts payment only through Visa, MasterCard, etc. these methods of payment are not safe. This is not a secured method so we suggest you not to buy any product from this site because they can steal your financial or personal information.


This site provides you free shipping over $40.00

Contact us info:

If you want to return the product in case of any damage or bad quality of the product you can’t return or exchange that product because hasn’t given their contact number to their customers so they can’t contact them. Only they have given an email address but we are not sure that it is correct or not. A scam site does not provide their contact number. In their return policy they have mentioned that if you want to return any product you can inform us by email or phone but how can they say this straight that you can contact us this clearly indicates that there is something wrong going on so be careful of this type of sites.


By doing several kinds of research about this online shopping site we came to this conclusion that is a scam site. This site is registered newly. It is very good for you to stay far from newly registered online sites. Due to the newly registered online site, there is less traffic on this site this seems that no one has purchased something yet from Before purchasing from any of the shopping sites first do deep research about that site. is not a trustworthy site so if you want to be safe from these fake sites so first do deep research about that site if you feel that site safe after doing a lot of research then only purchase from this site otherwise be aware of this sites.

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