More than 20+ Benefits of bananas          

In our country, bananas can also be found easily.  It is not a seasonal fruit, it is easily available for 12 months. But the most benefit of eating a banana during the rain.  Banana is beneficial in both raw and cooked food.  Eating raw bananas gives us relief in burning, bile, wounds, phlegm.  Eating bananas protects the eyes and heart and It also fastly fill your hungriness and thirst.

Different benefits of bananas

For the eyes –

Banana also contains vitamin A, which keeps the eye-safe by eating and it also increases your eyesight.

For heart –

Our heart works properly by eating a banana daily.  Banana contains a lot of potassium.  When we eat the banana, potassium goes into our body and it mixes in the blood and spreads throughout the body through veins.  Banana helps in keeping the heart completely healthy.  This is the biggest benefit of eating bananas for health.

For ulcer disease –

In ulcer disease, eating banana provides a lot of relief.  By eating a banana, germs of ulcers present in the stomach are destroyed.  If you have ulcers, consume raw bananas as much as possible.

Acidity –

It acts as a home remedy for acidity problems.  Eating a banana on acidity provides relief in the stomach.  The banana calms the burning sensation in acidity.  For this, mix sugar and banana in curd and eat it now.  By this, more disease related to stomach is removed.

Diarrhea and Dehydrate

It is advisable to eat a banana if you have diarrhea and dehydrate.  It provides potassium and water to the body.

For the digestive system –

By eating bananas, the digestive system in the stomach functions smoothly.  Banana should always be eaten after meals, this helps to digest food.

 In Diabetes –

Eating banana keeps the blood sugar level under control.  People are not able to eat sweets in diabetes, but eating bananas fulfills their desire foswsweetsnd they also get nutrients.

Blood pressure –

According to the benefits of eating bananas for health, banana is very helpful in controlling blood pressure.  Eating it daily keeps blood pressure under control.

Asthma –

It is very beneficial for asthma or asthma home remedies.  This is a great benefit for health.  According to research, eating one banana every day causes 34% less chance of asthma.

Cancer –

From childhood, if the habit of eating bananas is used daily, then the chances of getting cancer are greatly reduced.  Banana contains vitamin C.  Chances of getting cancer are reduced by eating it.

Urination disease –

If you have frequent urination problems, mash bananas, and add ghee to it and eat it will be of great benefit.

On the burned part –

If any part of the body burns, then mash the banana on it, the burning sensation will reduce very quickly.

If the stomach is upset –

Eat bananas mixed with curd.  Soon your stomach will recover.

During the period –

If the women have more bleeding problems, then they should mash the banana in milk and eat it for a few days.  Soon you will get benefit from this problem.

If ringworm is itchy –

If there is ringworm in any part of the body, mash the banana and mix lemon juice in it.  Therefore, this ringworm will give relief in the form of itching medicine and treatment very soon.

In case of weakness –

A weak person is advised to eat a banana.  If you are losing weight and you want to increase it, then there is no need to eat protein powder available in the market.  You can mash bananas in milk and eat several times a day or drink 1-2 bananas and drink milk.  It is tasty and nutritious in food.  After eating it you will feel healthy immediately.

For Asthma disease –

If you have asthma or you have a dry cough or a very chronic cough that is not healing even after much treatment, then drink banana syrup or shake twice a day.  This is a sure way of health benefits of eating bananas.  You will get relief from this disease soon.

Chest pain –

If you have chest pain, eat banana mixed with honey.  The pain will heal soon.

If diarrhea occurs –

If the child has diarrhea, then mash the banana and mix it with sugar and feed it 3 times a day.

Reducing cholesterol –

If a person has high cholesterol, he must eat bananas.  Bananas contain magnesium which helps to thin the blood.

In the case of anemia –

Eat a banana in case of anemia, it helps to reduce the deficiency of hemoglobin in the body.


If you and people like to think that eating bananas increases weight, then change your thinking from today.  Bananas contain calories but are beneficial.  Eating bananas provide many nutrients along with calories.  So from today onwards, because of the benefits of eating bananas for health, give bananas a place to eat and remove them from other diets that increase weight and also do not benefit.

Banana has a natural sweetness that fulfills your desire to eat sweets.  Many times with weight loss people it happens that they want to eat something very sweet from inside.  In such a situation, they eat some chocolate or sweets that have very high calories and no nutrients.

They ruin your hard work.  In such a time, you will get the full benefit of eating a banana.  Banana has a lot of fiber, which makes you feel hungry soon and feels full.

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