Benefits of fasting ,Precautions and Importance

Fasting is important in all religions of the world. Benefits of fasting has been considered the best treatment especially after getting sick.

Ayurveda is said to remove the toxic elements of the body to remove disease and by fasting, it can be removed from the body. For this reason, ‘Langham’ is the best medicine, ie fasting is considered the best medicine. People generally relate fasting with religious belief which is not true. It can help your body in many different ways.

Fasting is considered one of the most effective ways of approaching God in all religions of the world. It is undisputed truth beyond religious beliefs that fasting keeps the body healthy. Probably realizing its importance, the proponents of all religions have associated it with religious customs so that people remain bound in the discipline of fasting.

In all other medical practices, including Ayurveda, fasting is the practice of keeping the stomach empty. Although fasting is not a cure for every disease, it remains effective in most problems. Actually, without taking the religious meaning of fasting, its medical form should be understood. Fasting means keeping the stomach empty.

Ayurveda is said to remove the toxic elements of the body to remove disease and by fasting, it can be removed from the body. That is why ‘Langham’ is the best medicine, i.e. fasting is considered the best medicine.

It is beneficial in arthritis, asthma, hypertension, chronic fatigue, colitis, spastic colon, irritable bowel, multiple types of paralysis, as well as neuralgia, neurosis, and a variety of mental illnesses. It is believed that it can be cured until the disease of cancer because fasting leads to tumor fragments. It should not be forgotten that fasting is not effective in liver cancer.

Fasting has countless benefits.

The longer the fast, the higher the energy of the body. The fasting of the fasting person becomes deep and obstruction-free from disorder.

With this, the taste glands reactivate and start functioning. Fasting can boost your confidence so that you can gain more control over your body and life and apps.

Our body is part of a self-controlled and self-healing species.

Through fasting, it brings its metabolism to normal levels and can revive the organism of tissues.

Fasting throws out the toxic elements of your body. Toxic substances stored in the body come out in the form of mucus, sputum, sweating, vomiting, sometimes diarrhea. This is the reason why people who fast for a long time (3 days or 7 days), their breath starts coming on the second day.

Many people experience vomiting, all of which are symptoms of the exit of toxic substances. Fat cells, fat clots stored in the artery, mucus, and even worries and feelings that have been stored for years come out, but fasting does not mean starving.

In fact, fasting is like relaxing the body’s digestive system and overhauling it, but according to the most omniscient taboo, fasting done excessively and unscientifically can also lead to bad results.

How to do fasting?

The safest way to fast is to start with a day’s fast.

Later it can be done regularly one day a week. You can give up grains in the beginning and take days out depending on these substances.

* Fresh vegetable juice * Fruit * Water * Uncooked raw vegetables * Fresh fruit juice.

 What to avoid during fasting?

Do not eat cooked vegetables, grains, or other food items, Rotis, loaves of bread, biscuits, pasta. Apart from this, tea, milk, yogurt, ice cream, butter, eggs, meat, fast food, junk food, ready-to-eat food, potato chips, sago polenta, peanut, or mixer can also destroy your fasting motive. Huh.

Benefits of fasting

  • Mental clarity is increased and the twilight of the brain is sorted.
  • Loses weight in an immediate and safe manner.
  • There is balance in the nervous system.
  • Increased energy levels increase sensory abilities.
  • Energy is transmitted to all the components of the body.
  • There is a balance in cellular biochemistry.
  • Skin becomes sensitive, soft, and silky.
  • Your hands and feet start moving easily.
  • Digestive system starts functioning properly.
  • In the intestines, there is an increase in the action of soaking juice from food.

 Precautions for fasting

Fasters should keep in mind that if they are suffering from an incurable disease or are taking prolonged treatment for a disease, then you should not fast without consulting your doctor. Diabetes patients and pregnant women and lactating mothers should not fast. Fasting should not exceed its physical strength. It is always true excess of anything may hurt you adversely. So always do it when you are fit and your body requires and able to hold it. You must be very cautious while fasting.

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