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Click bank Tutorial| Beginners |What is Clickbank?|

Money is a necessity of an exciting- lifestyle, whether you are starting a new business or you want a glorious lifestyle or you want to fulfill your desire, for these entire things you should have money. Whether it is online or offline we all desire to make money for a glorious lifestyle. If you have the desire to earn money online for a glorious lifestyle, then have landed at a right-destination. Have you ever heard about the term Clickbank? If not then, you will know about ‘Clickbank’ after reading this article on – Clickbank so, let’s begin.

What is  

  • is the biggest international affiliate market network or website that has several types of products.
  • Click bank à biggest affiliate network
  • Suppose an individual wants to sell his product but he or she don’t have any marketing team so to promote their product they will upload their product [which they want to sell] on Clickbank network and the affiliate-marketers will purchase a product from ClickBank network.

Person [has no marketing teams] ——upload product——> Clickbank [affiliate –marketers buy the product from this network]

  • You can quickly and easily sign-up to Clickbank [no approval or verification needed for sign up].
  • Click bank- network has already paid dollar 4.2 billion in commission [ten to ninety percent commission] to their affiliates for over twenty- years and in two hundred countries.

Clickbank affiliate: Clickbank affiliate is that individual who will sell the products through the ClickBank network to the buyers. You should keep this in a mind that you are an affiliate that is promoting or selling a product that is already created by the others.

Clickbank vendor: vendor term in ClickBank is used for the product- owner who made these products.  Products found on Clickbank are not their own.

Clickbank –vendors want to sell their own product in the market through click-bank. The affiliates sell the product created by the vendors and they will offer a commission to the affiliates for each item sale they makes.

Click bank: Marketplace

Click bank marketplace is a place in ClickBank network where you all will get fifteen-thousands of products that have been categorized under sub-sections such as travel, arts & entertainment, business/ investing, employee and jobs, as seen on TV, cooking food and wine, education, games, computer/internet, e-marketing & e-business, fiction, health & fitness, languages, home & garden, mobile, sports, parenting & families, politics/current events, self-help, new age,  spirituality and alternatives beliefs. From these mentioned product categories you can select any product.

Click bank: products

You can select products according to your interest or either you can also sort out the product using seven very important parameters that are addressed below briefly:

Popularity: popularity indicates that among the affiliates how much popular is the product.

Initial$/ conversion: initial$/conversion means the average amount that an affiliates want to make on their product.

Average$/conversion: it is just like the initial$/conversion but here the affiliates consider the recurring -sales i.e. if the buyers purchase a product again & again.

Average%/conversion: this indicates the average –commission generated by the affiliates on their products.

Avg. Rebill total: It indicates the avg. amount that the affiliates generate on the rebill sale.

Avg %/rebill: it is just like the avg. rebill total however here it indicates the avg. percentage commission generated by an affiliate.

Gravity: gravity indicates that the product is growing very well in the market because so many affiliates are promoting them.

How to earn money with click bank?

To earn money with click bank is not difficult. You can easily earn money with click bank by following these simple –steps that are listed below:

Choose a product:

The very basic step of earning money from Clickbank is to choose a product. If you have read this article from the beginning then you would definitely know about the product categories. From the product-categories you have to choose a product, you can choose the products from that category in which you are interested or you have enough knowledge about it. But while choosing a product don’t forget about the parameters that we discussed above and among them the most important parameter is gravity.

Click on promote option [promote product]:

After choosing the appropriate-product, click on the promote button. When you will click on the promote-button then after this you will get a link name as HOP link. Then you have copy the hop link URL and save it.

Hop link:   

  • The hop-link is a referral URL that connects individuals to a vendor’s landing-page and also this hop link tells the click-bank that which affiliated directed the traffic for commission-purpose.
  • If the customer purchases a product within sixty days of clicking on the hop-link then in that case the affiliate who generated the hop-link gets credit and commission for that product- sale.
  • You can promote click bank products by using the affiliate-link on your blog or on your article or on the review-site. If you want then you can also promote these products on YouTube-videos by pasting the link on your YouTube -videos.
  • The social media platform is also a good idea to promote the products.
  • The products of Clickbank can also be promoted through email-marketing.
  • For promoting the click bank products the most efficient way is to promote them through search-engine marketing or by pay/click [pay per click].

Make money:

Place the URL link {hop link} on your blog, article, or website, when an individual’s click on the URL link then they will reach to the destination [website] of the selling product & when the individuals will buy the product, then the affiliates will get a commission from the ‘vendors’.


After a deep research, we concluded that the click bank is a legit affiliate- network. You can join with Clickbank as an ‘affiliate ‘for free. Start promoting the product but before promoting that check its popularity, commission rate, and gravity.

For getting maximum traffic, start updating your product regularly.

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