Everlilys.com Review: Know if it is a Scam or Legit site?

Fashion is popular all around the globe no matter whether a man or woman everyone loves to be in stunning style so they do a lot of shopping to accomplish their aspiration of style and for fulfilling this aspiration we have a lot of shopping sites from where you can buy your fascinating products for fulfilling your aspirations. Did you know most of the sites are not trustworthy?  If not then we will tell you the answer to this. Yes, most of the sites you visit for shopping are scam so before looking up for any sites to buy products we suggest you all that first check the reviews of the website. If you are looking for buying products from everlilys.com then we suggest you to please read the points mentioned below and then decide whether or not you have to buy a product from everlilys.com, and by reading this article you will know whether everlilys.com is a legit or scam.

Now start reading this article…

First, we will tell you in short about this website.

What is everlilys.com?

It is a global online shopping store that has all the stylish products for both girls and ladies that match their taste of buying their likable products at very manageable prices.

Products on everlilys.com:

It delivers you stylish products like tops, swimwear, dresses, bottoms, footwear, high heels, and accessories.

Products like flared sleeve v-neck at $39.97, two-piece mesh tie-dye at $29.99, woven straw handbag at $18.55, ripped casual jeans at $35.37, fashion casual printed at $29.98, transparent crystal high heels at $47.56, bow tie slide at $28.97, accessories like a vintage amber dragonfly at $5.67, bohemian ethic wind at $6.88, etc at affordable prices.

Here are some important points by going through this point you will know whether it is worthwhile to buy your from everelilys.com or not.

So let’s get started from the very first point which is about us page of this website.

About us:

The very first thing which you should definitely look up for is any website i.e. about us page. This page stores very precious information about the website. When you will visit about us page of everlilys.com then you will see that they have only written that this is an online site and we provide you stylish so and so stylish product and we are ready to help our customers every time and delivery of the product will be on time all over the world. They have mentioned all these things but they haven’t mentioned about their company and owner which is one of the main signs of a scam site. Scam sites don’t reveal their owner’s and company‘s information.


Shipping is free on orders US$59 plus.

Method of payment:

The best and safe method of payment is cash on delivery but this site is not allowing cash on delivery payment method.  They are allowing you to only pay through PayPal or they are accepting all visa cards and master cards. They have also mentioned it clearly that while paying your amount through the credit card you can try doing payment only 10 times per hour if your transaction is not successful at the first attempt. If your attempts fail many times then for one hour your credit card will be locked.

Contact us:

Everlilys.com hasn’t provided any contact number they have only given they email address . If you get a wrong product or defective product then you can’t contact them regarding your product because they haven’t given their contact and in case you will send your query regarding your product on mail then we are not sure that whether they will receive your query or not.


After doing much research about this site we came to the conclusion that this site is not good for the customers to buy a product because we found a lot of points regarding this sites like no contact number, no owner and company detail, fake model images, high discount to attract its customers with no cash on delivery, etc; which are enough to prove that this site is not worthwhile to buy products so we do not recommend this site.

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