Familiarshoppe.com Review: know is it a genuine site or not?

In today’s internet world there are millions of shopping sites. But do you know that many of these shopping sites are scam which does fraud with their customers and earn money? These sites seem like the original website so customers easily get trapped in these scam shopping websites. In today’s article, you will know about one of the shopping sites named familiarshoppe.com. Read this article to know that is familiarshoppe.com a genuine site.


Let’s start this with the short introduction of familiarshoppe.com

Introduction to familiarshoppe.com

Familiarshoppe.com is an online store from where you can purchase products like tools and accessories like handicrafts grandma’s vintage style coin purse at $16.99, unicorn necklace at $19.99, fairy dream catcher light at $15.97, moon glow necklace at $17.97, 16th century Germany astronomical ring at $15.99, car mirror rainproof film at $13.99, etc. at a reasonable price.

Here are some points which you should know before purchasing a product from familiarshoppe.com

  • Familiarshoppe.com has been released just 2 months ago this is the reason for low traffic on this online site. The domain was created on 29 July 2020.
  • The product sold in this shopping site is of low quality it means that they are not of any brand.
  • No appearance of social media links.
  • While shopping we all look up for many options of products but in this website there are not many options available. As this site is new it indicates that there would be not many products.
  • This site is giving you many discount offers which are quite suspicious because mostly scam sites provide a high discount of products to their customers to attract their buyers.
  • On about us page that has written that whatever product you need you can get it from familiarshoppe.com but on their website, they haven’t provided any vast varieties of products then how can you get whatever product you want. A legit site gives the whole detail about their sites to its customers like company and owner information. But familiarshoppe.com hasn’t provided any detail about its company and owner to its customers.
  • When you will visit this website you will see that domain name of this site is familiarshoppe.com but in their logo, they have only written their name as familiarshopp.
  • The safest method of payment that is cash on delivery is not available on these shopping sites. Payment by PayPal is accepted by familiarshoppe.com. On PayPal’s address, your order will be shipped. If you don’t want to do payment of your product through PayPal and you have to only pay through credit card then click on the checkout option after this payment page will have credit card option then you can pay through your credit card.
  • There is no contact information available on this site. No sharing of contact information simply indicates that this site does not want to contact any of their customers because of hiding their identity. They have written this that if any of their customers want to return their products then they can return but they haven’t provided any contact information then how can they contact them regarding the returning of their products this is showing that they don’t want their customers to contact them after getting their product because they do fraud with them and doesn’t want to contact them after this.
  • There are shipping charges as they are not providing you free shipping. Everyday familiarshoppe.com delivers its product worldwide to millions of customers.


After doing much research about familiarshopp.com we came to the conclusion that familiarshoppe.com is not a legit site. We don’t recommend this shopping site because this site is not attractive, they have hidden their real identity, the domain of this site is newly registered, and no branded products are available on this site.  Limited amount of products are available on this site as we have mentioned that this site is new then you can see that there is not much variety of products available on this site. Familiarshoppe.com is not genuine so be alert and stay away from this type on untrustworthy online shopping sites.

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