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Healing Power Of Coconut Oil

You should integrate coconut oil into your daily regimen but why? It’s a very effective and simple Ayurveda tradition with lots of beauty and health benefits. Coconut oil is the best invention to repair and heal skin and hair-related problems. We just love everything about coconut oil, who else loves coconut oil? In this post, we will know the healing power of coconut oil by knowing which you will definitely fall in love with coconut oil.

Coconut oil is much needed in your everyday regime. You have seen your grandmother using coconut oil for her skin and hair or your mom regularly using it for you.

Here are Simple and effective beauty and health benefits of coconut oil:

Helps to deal with dandruff

To treat dandruff, coconut oil is really helpful. One of the most effective ways to get rid of the dandruff problem you can make use of coconut oil. You can replace coconut oil with your conditioner and shampoo.

Home-made dandruff hair oil: ADD three tbsp lemon juice + three tbsp coconut oil now, homemade hair oil is ready for eliminating dandruff; apply this dandruff hair oil on your scalp and keep it one hour after this wash your hair. After applying dandruff hair oil, apply homemade dandruff shampoo.

Coconut oil when added with lemon juice is the best treatment for treating dandruff so, you can use this treatment at least 3-4 times a week.

Homemade dandruff shampoo: ADD Lemon juice+ any shampoo homemade now, homemade dandruff shampoo take a shower with this homemade-dandruff shampoo.

For soft and shiny hands

If you want soft & shiny hands then you can use coconut oil.

Are you Unaware of the use of coconut oil for soft/shiny hands? Try this regime

Add 2tbsp sugar + 2tbsp lemon juice + 3tbsp honey + 3tbsp coconut oil, homemade soft-hand scrub is ready now, scrub your hands with this homemade soft hand scrubber for at least 20-minutes and then clean your hands.

Remove Makeup

Is coconut oil a good makeup remover? Coconut oil can be the best used for removing makeup. Please stop using chemicals or makeup wipes to remove makeup; they are really terrible for the skin. Instead of using makeup wives switch to coconut oil, coconut oil. Makeup wives can damage your skin so you have to stop using this harmful thing on your skin and start using coconut oil.

Improves Oral Health

Lauric acid is presented in coconut oil that has anti-microbial benefits and it is used for centuries to maintain oral hygiene. Works good for bad breath and also prevents cavities. Coconut oil also strengthens the teeth. Use coconut oil as a mouth wash, put coconut oil in your mouth, and swish it around twenty-twenty-five minutes to improve oral health. Coconut oil lessens the harmful bacteria from the mouth and maintains good oral health.

Lotion For Babies

Coconut oil especially virgin coconut oil is really effective and safe to use as a lotion for your babies. It is safe to use virgin coconut oil on your baby’s skin. It can work as the best moisturizer for your baby’s skin. If you will apply coconut oil to your baby’s skin it will strengthen your baby’s skin and there is no harm in using coconut oil as a lotion for babies.

Improves Immunity

For frightening bacteria coconut oil is useful and it improves immunity. Coconut oil is linked with a good immune system so, use coconut oil for improving your immune system.

Good For Chapped Lips

As a natural lip balm, you can use coconut oil. Instead of using chemical products or some other products on your lips please, do apply coconut oil that works as a natural lip balm. For a few hours leave your lips moist after applying coconut oil and coconut oil also gives you sun protection. Also removes tanning you can apply coconut oil along with lemon juice and tomato juice for removing sun-tan.

 Hair Growth

It is really good to apply coconut oil to your hair for extreme hair growth.

You can also heat coconut oil and then, add curry leaves, neem leaves, and fenugreek seeds to it and then apply this hair growth homemade oil. You can also store this oil in a bottle and then, apply it whenever you needed.


You should always keep coconut oil with you. You will surely fall in love with coconut oil after knowing its healing power which is good for skin and hair as well.

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