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  Do you know about Junk Food Vs Healthy Food?

Junk food and healthy food, I think they are the real rivals of each other like India and Pakistan. We know that junk food is harmful to our body and organs, but then also we eat it. Why is it so? Don’t we want our bodies to be healthy and free from diseases? Is it good to have junk food? Is junk food healthier than regular food?

So, discussing all these points in this article, I am also going to tell you some facts. So, have a look at the full article, and let’s start.

What is Junk Food?

Healthy Food


What does junk food mean? Junk food is normally a name given to street food or fast food. The most common street foods that you will be aware of are, Momos, Chowmin, Panipuri, Vadapav, Band-Tikki, Samosa, Bhel-Puri, and Chole Bhature. So these are some of the most common Indian street food or junk foods that you would be aware of.

So, how they came into existence? These are not new, street foods are from ancient times. The first street food that came to existence and sold was a fried fish, later in 1502, Turkey was the first country to standardize the street food.

What is Healthy Food?

Healthy Food


Healthy food refers to homemade food, food that contains nutrients, proteins, vitamins, carbs, and fats that helps in the metabolism of the body. A normal human body requires 45- 65 percent of calories from carbohydrates, 20- 30 percent calories should come from total body fat, and around 10– 35 percent of calories should come from proteins.

Common healthy foods that you must be aware of are, Salmon (fishes or seafood), Kale (healthy and leafy greeny source), Potatoes (contain a very few nutrients), Liver-Meat (it is recommended that one should eat organ meat as the muscle meat is poor).

Healthy food or Junk food?

This is quite an easy question to answer that we should eat healthy food because it has got nutrients in it. But do we follow? No, not at all we even don’t try to implement that we should avoid junk food. And according to me, it’s not a bad habit to have junk food.

Junk food is also prepared and also it is fresher than healthy foods that we eat regularly. And according to a survey, 2.5 billion people eat street foods, and much likely they are not going to leave them such easily.

What is the main reason for eating Junk Food and why is it popular?

  • Junk food is easy to find and get.
  • The taste of junk or fast food is awesome.
  • Street foods are not too expensive.
  • I am not able to cook and so, I prefer to have fast food or street food.
  • Street foods are fun and entertaining.
  • Fast food is freshly prepared.
  • It is a way of socializing with friends and family while having instant food.
  • Fast food has many nutritious foods inside it.

Eating junk food is not a bad habit until we are not used to it, like the way we want a break and have a change similarly we should give a break and have a change in our healthy dietary pattern. If you are going to eat junky food every day most likely you are destroying your body organs. It increases the risk of obesity, Also as it is saturated food, (The food which contains a large number of fatty acids).


We should not avoid junk food as it helps to change a person’s mood and taste. Although we should eat healthy food and change our dietary habits.

According to doctors, A healthy food meal should contain vegetables (green and leafy vegetables), whole-grains (whole wheat bread, brown rice, and whole grain pasta), healthy oils (olive oil and canola oil), fruits (almost every color of fruit), healthy proteins (consisting of meat, eggs, cheese, and fishes), water/ juice (Drinking water with no sugar or having a glass of fruit juice)

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