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Natural Home Remedies for Removing Tan

If you want to de-tan your skin and want the original skin tone back again then try these efficient home remedies which we are discussing with you all. Removing tanning is about healthy and glowing skin so, here are few simple natural home remedies for removing tan.

Tanning is your body’s natural shield against sun UV rays which can damage the skin tissues in the form of a sunburn so, to get rid of this tanning use these simple home remedies.

Homemade face mask

Take a bowl and add one tablespoon of gram flour, mix a tablespoon of curd in it, add a pinch of turmeric powder, honey and rose water to add then apply this on your tan skin leave this for thirty minutes, then wash your face. Gram flour is used for detaining and brightening the skin tone it has super cleansing nature that makes our face look best ever, yogurt is enriched with lactic acid and has a natural bleaching agent to fight sun tan quickly, turmeric repairs the damaged skin and also lightens the skin, honey has the ability to open the pores, rose water to make a consistent mixture, rose water due to its astringent nature helps cleansing pores and tones the skin.

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De-tan pack

Take an empty bowl add yogurt, add the coffee powder as coffee tightens and brighten the complexion and also removes the dirt from your face, add tomato juice as this removes skin to tan quickly and easily, add rice flour whitens your complexion mix all these ingredients then massage your tan skin with this paste then leave for few minutes then wash.

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Fuller’s earth rosewater mask  

Take a container then add chilled rose water and fuller’s earth (Multani mitti), combine both of these ingredients and make a smooth paste from this, apply a layer of this paste on your tanning area keep this until it gets dry then wash your face. Multani mitti soothes, cools the burning of the sun.

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Gram flour Multani mitti mixture

Add one tablespoon gram flour, rice powder, Multani mitti which is very helpful for removing tanning, add milk to make thick consistency, apply this to the tanning portion for 30 minutes.

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Almond scrub

Grind almond along with rose water on the affected region, lemon juice use this tanning removal scrub. Vitamins E is present on the almond that heals damage and nourishes the skin and it also has a bleaching nature that removes tanning.

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Cucumber juice

Smash a cucumber, squeeze the cucumber to get its juice, and dip cotton into this cucumber juice, then apply all over the tanning area, keep this until it gets dry then wash your affected areas. Cucumber is extremely good for sun tan as it has a cooling effect.

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Sugar lemon combo

Mix equal portion of sugar and lemon juice in a bowl, apply this thrice in a week. Sugar has defoliant that slough away the dark and dead skin cells and lemon citric acid & vitamin C that helps in removing tan.

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Aloe Vera mask    

Take off the aloe Vera gel from the aloe Vera plant; apply this gel smoothly on the portion affected by the suntan. Aloe Vera soothes and heals the skin.

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Apply Yogurt and tomato    

Add tomato juice with one or two tablespoons of fresh yogurt. Use this mixture on your tan, and then wash it off after twenty minutes.

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Potato juice

Apply raw potato juice directly on your tanning area apart from this you can also put the slices of potatoes on your face as the potato has a bleaching agent, let this be on your face until the slices get dry.

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Papaya honey mixture

Take 3 or 4 slices of ripe papayas, mash it and add one tablespoon of honey to it mix these both well to get a smooth paste then apply this all over the burnt skin, after thirty minutes wash it with cold water. Papaya has exfoliating and also bleaching characteristics that will quickly remove your tan.

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Honey and pineapple pulp

In a blender drop four or five cubes of pineapple and also add honey blend both ingredients till they get smooth after this pour it into a bowl, rinse it off after twenty minutes. Pineapple is enriched with vitamin C, antioxidants, and vitamin A that make your skin bright and tone by removing tanning.

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Red lentil aloe Vera & tomatoes pack

In a container filled with water soak two tablespoons of masoor dal, add tomato juice, aloe Vera gel, blend all this then take it off in a bowl, apply for 20 minutes this mixture then wash it off.

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