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Prevention vs Cure

We are all familiar with the famous saying that “Prevention is always better than Cure”. Both preventions as well as a cure has a tremendous impact on how healthily a human body lives. With the evolving nature of the world around us, the nature of the diseases has evolved as well. The news of some other virus or flu spreading like fire on the parts of the globe is something we have adept of reading and listening.

In such a scenario, our hygiene plays an important role in our well-being. Not only do we need to take caution about the evolving nature of the disease, but we also need to factor that how essential it is for us to take every measure to prevent ourselves from the possibility of catching any disease when our lifestyle has changed as well.

Furthermore, we must keep in mind that however strong the preventive measures be, we are unlikely to nullify the possibility of catching any disease and keeping ourselves absolutely fit, making it necessary for us to look for the means where we can save enough for the treatment of the disease to get ourselves eventually cured.

While lot it is discussed about the importance of taking suitable preventive and curative measures universally, we tend to blur out the major distinction that both the terminologies have. Thus here we will explore the phenomenon of prevention and cure in a separate manner.

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Prevention in the literal sense means stopping the possibility of the occurrence of any kind of mishappening but taking the measures that do not allow them to happen. It is done by understanding the need of making prevention which can be only made when we have the relative awareness or knowledge on the concerning issues that can impact us.

Preventive measures allow us to take the suggestive measures to keep ourselves on the safe side. Taking preventive measures is the most primary, initial, and important step to ensure that we do not invite any kind of trouble for us. These include some basic initiatives that are needed to be taken at an individual end, imbibing which one can augment his possibilities to keep himself safe.

These measures are much less excruciating and effective than the curative measures which are responsible to deal with finding the solution to the problem. Thus preventive measures do not allow to get into any kind of problem in the first place and hence are rightly better than the curative measures.

Preventive measures are very much important for an individual to take care of himself when it comes to the health of anyone. Ignoring the importance of taking preventive measures can be dangerous as once when we fall into any problematic situation especially into the matter of health, all we have is regret at the end of not following these measures.

An example of some of the preventive measures which we can include – Wearing masks when going outside when the pandemic has hit the world and the disease spreading throughout is contagious and transmittable.


The phenomenon of cure deals with finding the solution to the problems which can be both complex and simple. It is intended to cause relief to any problem that any individual suffers. Finding the cure at the individual level helps in finding the solution to the problem of mankind and society at large. It is very essential to find a cure for any health condition or problem, because if we leave any disease or problem untreated than it only becomes worse.

Hence it is in the curative stage when the solution to the problem is eventually discovered and eliminated. The importance of the curative measures can be suggested by the fact of the increasing amount of investments and dedicated efforts to better the healthcare facilities which deals with the problems of every patient in a needed manner.

This stage can compensate for the incapacity and inability to take the precautionary stage at the preliminary level. Further, despite taking every concerted effort to ensure our safety and well being, we may still find ourselves surrounded by any kind of problem which can be treated at the curative stage only.


Hence it can be concluded that both prevention and cure are important to ensure the well – being and safety of the individual and the community. None of the phenomena can be discounted for others and hence we must give equal emphasis on finding the right preventive measures at the preliminary stage, and the right curative stage at the secondary stage.

However, it goes without saying that “prevention is always better than cure” and hence the due emphasis must be paid on the preventive measures which can eliminate our needs of finding and discovering the curative measures.

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