Reproductive system can affect the people in every year (look properly)

It implies that the state of the person being physical, mental, and satisfying sex life and to reproduce as the freedom to decide it.During the life stages, the male and female conditions refer to the reproductive health systems. Those are made with hormone-producing glands. The females have ovaries and males have testicles as the reproductive organs. The only functions glands are to produce and release hormones.

The reproductive system can affect the people in every year.

Female disorders include

1.Delayed Puberty

2.When the tissue grows outside of it in the womb.

3.Breast milk supply can be inadequate

4.Difficulty in getting pregnancy

5.Heavy and irregular bleeding in the menstrual cycle

6.More male hormones produced in the ovary.

7.Problems during pregnancy

Male disorders include

a) count of sperm is low

b) Disfunction in the erectile.

Scope and aims of reproductive health

  1. It focuses on all aspects of the reproductive health of humans. It has open access to female fertility of health with all the content
  2. It has an impact on the change in reproductive health. It is challenging and evaluating the emerging issues of the reproductive and synthesizing the findings of researches and developing the dissemination and the strategies of communication.
  3. It is a platform for the authors to discuss reproductive and sharing the knowledge to a wider audience with the submission of high-quality publications.

Importance of reproductive health

  • The objective of reproductive health is educating the youth about sexual.
  • About sexual practices, it gives awareness to the adolescents
  • It can prevent infections and HIV/AIDS
  • It is not about only sex but it is a starting program that teaches at an early age understanding the Anatomy of their bodies.
  • It is to be continued until they become young adults and to be acceptance of the regulation of fertility.
  • It is the most important health care services to pregnant women to give childbirth safely.

Issues in reproductive health

  1. The control of birth is more available
  2. HPV has been increased
  3. Improving education and screening of endometriosis
  4. Everyone is not taking serious about women’s pains
  5. Vaginal health

Concern for women reproductive health

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
  • Gynecologic cancer

Problems in women reproductive health

1.Dis function in sexual

2.Cervical cancer

3.Primary ovarian Insufficiency

4.Excess body weight

5.Bodyweight not in enough stage

6.Environmental Harms

7.Getting older

8.Lifestyle choices

Problems in male reproductive health

  • Undescended testicle
  • Testosterone deficiency
  • BPH
  • Testicular Cancer
  • Male infertility

Elements of reproductive health

1.Family planning and Services

2.Nutrition of childbirth and also breastfeeding

3.proscription of abortion

4.Complications in abortion

5.Care of adolescent

Fundamental principles of reproductive health


2.Quality of care

3.Human rights


5.Participation of community

6.Technical and Managerial capital building



Every human wants to good in health but in the process of growing it may divert thoughts and also get problems in the reproductive system. Especially women are careful in health because the effects are mostly attracted to women.

In that situation, we have to follow some measures to recover from that. Every person has a disorder but it can overcome by taking the measures. In human life, health is the most priority aspect we have to be self-care and be active. Every situation in reproductive health is important and also a major cycle in the stage of life.

Every principle and concern should have to follow and don’t get problems. In these, the health organizations are helpful and advise for the treatment of this problem. The treatment of Reproductive health can be very hygiene and be careful. Every aspect in the adolescence stage is very important especially for women.

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