Top 5 Simple Tips To Prepare Your Skin Before Applying Makeup

Hello dear readers! Today I will tell you about how to prepare your skin before applying makeup to it. Please read this post to the end to get more benefits before applying on your skin a single drop of primer, foundation, makeup fixer, concealer, or any other chemical product you need to make sure that your face should be clean and moisturize. However it is really surprising that most the individuals skip this precious step, they are not aware of the importance of preparing your skin before applying makeup.

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Check out these tips addressed below in our post about how to prepare your skin for applying makeup:

1.Wash your face

The first makeup preparation tip is to wash your face with a gentle or soft cleanser that has no harsh ingredients. Your skin will look smoother by following this basic skin preparation tip. Splash lukewarm water to wet your skin and wash it properly, after this select soft or gentle cleanser (according to your skin type) and massage your skin. Massage with a cleanser for at least one minute so that the cleanser may get some time to function and then after this wash it with lukewarm water. Your skin is the sensitive part of your organs so cleanse it gently. Avoid using too hot water because it dry out your skin so use lukewarm water, this will open your pores and lift up all the bacteria and dirt from your skin. After washing, use a clean towel.

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2.Exfoliate skin

Exfoliating skin allows you to remove all the dead skin cells and reveals the pressure of the surface for makeup application. No one likes their makeup look cakey so, for this you all should exfoliate your skin (exfoliate- twice or thrice in a week). You should remember this that you have to exfoliate your face along with your neck.

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3.Apply serum or toner with a cotton pad

Applying toner or serum with a cotton pad will help you to remove the remaining creases of impurities and dirt, for this, you have to take a cotton pad and apply some toner in it and rub it gently on your face.  After exfoliating you need to apply serum or toner (serum- for extremely oily skin, toner-for dry skin) and leave it for a few minutes, to let them dry. Before applying moisturizer, apply serum or toner.

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4.Never skip moisturizing your face

No matter whether your skin is extremely dry or oily, it is an important part of your regular skincare formula to moisturize your face. Take care of this that you have to select the right moisturizer according to your skin-type and gives you hydration all day. Correctly apply moisturizer on your skin means you don’t have to rub moisturizer instead of this press your moisturizer on your skin (pressing gives a rosy glow to your skin).

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5.Spray a light mist of rose water

Spray a light mist of rose water but while spraying be careful by closing your eyes while misting. Spraying rose water gives you glowing skin that you all want to have. All around your face mist some rose water. Spray rose water that so not contains any added-chemicals.

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